Zennie Abraham’s Trip To “CNN Roland Martin Debates” in NYC

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https://ift.tt/1PPVwD7 – This is a video of my great adventure of a trip to New York City and to be a guest on CNN’s “Roland Martin Debates” Show on Friday July 27th 2007. My question submitted for the CNN / YouTube debates opened up a whole new set of doors and emboldened me to use video more effectively to communicate ideas and messages as well as to give others a voice. But that’s not what this video’s about. This movie’s about my trip. The video takes the first two days of my trip, from plane ride to after the show itself. It also features the wonderful people I met along the way, from the awesome Zana at the Jumeria Essex Hotel on Central Park South, to Shira and Alexis with CNN and the great CNN Contributors, especially Julie Roginsky, Bill Donohue, and the terrific Irshad Manji. It also features the CNN / YouTube debate stars, Kim Friedrich, Lucas “Brown Eyes”, and Lori Harfenist aka “The Resident.” This video’s for anyone who wonders how a person comes to be on a TV program and how they’re taken care of by a network. It was a great experience. I have a lot of people to thank which I do in the video. Take a look and share it with others.

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