Oakland Sharing The Vision: Progress On Policy Goals And Objectives

Two weeks ago, this blog Oakland News Online, asked what happened to the initiative called “Oakland Sharing The Vision”: a set of civically established goals and objectives first created during a 1991 gathering of around 1,000 Oaklanders at the Oakland Convention Center.

This marks an effort to revive Oakland Sharing The Vision, and compare where The City of Oakland is today with that set of goals and objectives. The full list of policy goals and objectives, and where the City of Oakland is in meeting them today, will be posted below over the coming weeks and months.

As will posts on Oakland City Government and how it’s changed over time. Like this one on the history of Oakland City Administrators that you can see with a click here.

But who was Oakland Sharing The Vision? Who were the 1,000 Oaklanders who came together so many years ago and to establish a living blueprint for Oakland’s future? The full list of members from that time is listed on this page you can see with a click here.