Will California’s New Housing Laws Really Help Oakland’s Affordablity Problem?

On September 29th, California Governor Jerry Brown put pen to the paper of what he called “15 good bills” designed to respond to the state’s affordable housing crisis. But will they really help Oakland’s affordability problem? They are as follows according to the press release from the Governor’s Office:

Libby Schaaf Runs For Re-Election As Mayor Of Oakland, Raises $161K So Far

Libby Schaaf is officially running for re-election as Mayor of Oakland – not new news at all. Let’s take a look at where the 50th Mayor of Oakland, and first white woman to run the City of Oakland, stands in her quest to retain her seat as of this moment in time. Preliminarily, one has to say she looks pretty good, particularly from a fund-raising and competitors standpoint.

Buffy Wicks, Former Obama Aide, Running For California State Assembly District 15 2018

Buffy Wicks is someone I’ve known since 2007, and because of her job as field organizer with the Obama For America campaign. After the successful 2008 Presidential Election, Buffy landed a position in the White House working for President Obama.

Alameda County DA Files Charges Against 7 Oakland Police Officers In Celeste Guap Sex Scandal

Nancy O’Malley, the Alameda County District Attorney, has filed charges against seven Oakland Police Officers that were responsible for the sexual violation of Jasmine Celese Abuslin, who’s commonly known as Celeste Guap. You can read more about the charges filed here, but the DA did not release the names of the officers.