Salesforce Transit Center To Re-Open Wednesday: TJPA, Maria Ayerdi Kaplan Update

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In this Salesforce Transit Center and Maria Ayerdi Kaplan update news, we have reports about the repair to the steel cracking area and an update on Maria’s history with the project.

Salesforce Transit Center is set to re-open on Wednesday, October 17th, and after three weeks of closure due to two cracks found on steel beams over the Bus Ramp that serves the facility. The Transbay Joint Powers Authority (TJPA) explained:

Work on a shoring system at the Salesforce Transit Center at Fremont Street between Howard
and Mission streets continued today and will continue into early next week, moving the
scheduled reopening date of the one block closure. The street will reopen to traffic and the publicon Wednesday, October 17, 2018.

Work on the street level at Fremont Street is complete. Due to the complexity of the four
-level designed shoring system, the work is continuing through the weekend and early next week on the bus deck and in the two levels of the train box. “It is important that we have an extremely robust shoring system to ensure that all levels of the transit center are safe and secure. Unfortunately, this requires us to keep the street closed until this work is complete. We will reopen Fremont Street as soon as safely possible and apologize for the ongoing impact to the public,” said Mark Zabaneh, Executive Director of the Transbay
Joint Powers Authority.

First Street: Street level work on First Street is complete for this week. There will be one more night time closure (between 9 pm and 5 am) next week, date to be determined. The street has a similar design as Fremont Street, and is also receiving a shoring system and will ultimately be permanently reinforced.

Regarding Salesforce Transit Center and Maria Ayerdi Kaplan, we have noticed that information about the Transit Center and the steel issue has been focused only on the period of time she was TJPA Executive Director, and little information has been shared about the work done from August 2016 to the Grand Opening Day. This leaves even more questions that this space will introduce next week.

Stay tuned.

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