Zennie Abraham And Scott Rosenberg Long Talk About Blogging In 2011 In Berkeley

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This is one of those video-blogs that was not and has not been seen by enough people, and now I’m on a course to change that. In 2011, I discovered (for myself) and read a book by a local writer named Scott Rosenberg. It was called “Say Anything” and was a kind of history of blogging. At the time, I was already well-established as an Oakland blogger, but what we now call video-blogging was still new, and many were not doing it. I was and I wanted to make a vlog interview with Scott, the then-well-known father (or one of them) of Salon Magazine.

Scott and I met at The Five Restaurant on Shattuck Avenue in Berkeley. I’m proud to say that, of course due to my video interview, The Five is still in business at The Hotel Shattuck some seven years later.

As I wrote in my video description: “Scott Rosenberg, who’s one of the founding editors of Salon.com, and this blogger sat down for a talk that lasted 45 minutes, making this the longest video interview done for this channel to date. Rosenberg and I talked about everything from how Salon got started, the State of Blogging, journalists versus bloggers, The Huffington Post, The Daily for the iPad, the impact of Twitter, what happened to Salon, blogging for profit and reaching the market versus not doing so, James O’Keffe and his video ambush that led to the resignation of NPR’s Executive Director, and a host of other topics.”

For me, this is a nice ‘time-in-a-bottle’ piece, talking about the emergence then of what has now become a standard and valuable part of the media landscape: blogging.

Watch it and let me know what you come away with.


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