Month: September 2017

Annie Campbell Washington for Oakland City Council District Four On Oaktoberfest

Have you heard? Oaktoberfest is a TWO day festival this year! Check out the stellar lineup below.

I’ll kick off the festivities Saturday morning at 11 am with the Annual “Tap the Keg” ceremony and we won’t shut down the party until Sunday afternoon.

Please join us at this family friendly fall celebration. Our D4 office will have a table and we’ll be talking with neighbors from 11am-4pm on Saturday. Please stop by and say hello!

— Annie

Oakland Councilmember Rebecca Kaplan On Recent Stolen Guns from Law Enforcement Vehicle

OAKLAND, CA (Press Release) – In 2015, Oakland City Councilmember At-Large Rebecca Kaplan, together with City Attorney Barbara Parker, wrote a law which was passed by the Oakland City Council, prohibiting leaving guns unsecured in unattended cars. Guns stolen from cars have been used in multiple serious crimes in recent years, including the murders of Antonio Ramos, an artist who was shot and killed while painting a peace mural in Oakland and Katy Steinle in San Francisco. In both cases, the guns had been stolen from cars of law enforcement officers (including Federal ICE agents) who left their guns unsecured in their unattended vehicles.

In Oakland, there’s been an increased pattern of auto burglaries. Oakland Police Department’s end of the year crime report showed that in 2010 there were 3375 reported auto burglaries, in 2012 there were 6654 auto burglaries, and in 2014 there were 7283 auto burglaries. With the rising numbers of car break-ins taking place, and the incredible danger that can be inflicted by stolen guns, including human tragedy and loss of life, Councilmember Kaplan co-authored and passed a law banning this conduct in Oakland in order to shut down this source of guns being used in crimes. Click here for link to the Ordinance.

And now, this past Monday, we have had yet another such incident of out-of-town police officers who left two unsecured guns in their unattended vehicle and they were stolen and have not been recovered.

Kaplan states:

“We must make clear that leaving guns loose in cars where they can easily be stolen threatens the public safety and is completely unacceptable. That is why I wrote, and the Oakland City Council adopted, an Ordinance banning leaving guns unsecured in unattended vehicles. This sort of reckless behavior endangers lives and increases the threat of gun violence in the community. Responsible gun ownership must mean keeping these guns secure from criminals. Almost all gun crimes are committed with guns that are acquired illegally — many of them using stolen guns. Thus, to stop gun violence, we must stop the easy access of criminals to have guns, including by not allowing them to be left loose where they can easily be stolen. I have reached out to the City Administration and Attorney to ensure that our gun laws will be fully enforced, and have asked that action be taken to hold those accountable who endanger our community by leaving guns loose in unattended cars.”

Squash Drive Is An After School Program Serving Oakland Youth

Squash Drive Is An After School Program Serving Oakland Youth

I learned about Squash Drive while at the NetSuite Open in San Francisco this week. According to its website, the non-profit “SquashDrive is a non-profit afterschool enrichment program for underserved Bay Area youth. We help students reach their academic, athletic, and personal potential through individualized educational support, squash instruction, and character development. SquashDrive provides over 8 hours per week of transformative programming to 4th through 11th graders from 12 partner schools.”
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Donald Trump Was For American Flag Burning Before He Was POTUS And NFL Protests, Here’s Proof

Donald Trump Was For American Flag Burning Before His Election As POTUS And NFL Protest, Here’s Proof

As this is written, President Donald Trump has waged what the mainstream media describes as a ‘culture war’ against those who would protest against the National Anthem at NFL games, most notably NFL players.

Trump has attacked NFL players to such a harsh degree that, last Friday, at a rally in Huntsville, Alabama, he referred to pro football athletes involved in taking a knee during the playing of the anthem as “sons of bitches”: his exact words.

Those who consider themselves patriots started to verbally, and on social media, attack NFL players who were protesting not the flag in itself, but the horrible treatment and murder of black men and boys by police officers – in effect under the color of American law. Players like Colin Kaepernick and their supporters have reminded us that freedom of expression is part of what made America.

To this point, you would think Donald Trump disagrees with them. A number of people, generally white and politically conservative, use Trump’s words and name and say that the NFL players should not go against the President. Again, as if the President really disagrees with freedom of expression.

Well, folks, here is proof that President Donald Trump is using and manipulating a group of Americans.

On January 8th 2015, Trump was on David Letterman for an interview. In the many video copies of this full exchange, at about the 8:17 mark, Letterman goes into asking Trump what he thought about the attack on the staff of Charlie Hebdo Magazine in Paris. Trump said it was awful and then Letterman went into a rant about how American freedom of expression is in actions like, and he specifically said this, flag burning! Trump nodded his head in agreement and said “he’s right” – and took no time to argue with or reject what Letterman was saying. In fact, Trump continued to nod in approval and then said “He’s on fire, tonight.”

President Trump is tricking and manipulating people in an effort to divide America and take our gaze off of the many problems his Administration has. It’s time to stop being played for a fool, folks. Time to wake up. via IFTTT