YouTube Algorithmically Favors Channels And Content, Allows Copyright Violations

YouTube Algorithmically Favors Some Channels And Content and allows copyright violations by those channels – without telling you

This video on KC Chief’s Quarterback Patrick Mahommes has 7,120 views in just two days, and yet the YouTube channel has 30,000 subscribers, plus it’s a re-upload of an NFL Network Broadcast, which should not be allowed:

By contrast, my video – two of them – are from MY INTERVIEW WITH KC Chief’s Quarterback Patrick Mahommes AGENT – and yet it doesn’t even break 1,000 views, and I have more subscribers!



That is why I really believe someone at YouTube is not only not helping me, but working against me. It’s why I need to talk to a lawyer to see if I have a case. This is completely wrong. YouTube allows a channel I have never heard of to violate copyright and upload NFL Network videos, and gain more views from them. If you all have some algorythm that favors certain people, then please remove it. It’s really not right or fair. It’s also frauduent. via IFTTT