Whirlpool Tub In My Caesar’s Palace Las Vegas Hotel Room Makes Whirlpool Bath Easy!

Whirlpool Tub In My Caesar’s Palace Las Vegas Hotel Room Makes Whirlpool Bath Easy!

The typical hotel room in Caesar’s Palace Las Vegas has many amenities, but none better than this built-in whirlpool tub. It’s designed with a push-button set of controls that activate air-blow jets that make the water swirl. Make sure you bring your own bubble bath liquid.

Now, what’s the benefit of a whirlpool tub or whirlpool bath? The website VeryWellHealth.com reports that sitting in one will help:

Decrease swelling
Control inflammation
Promote wound healing
Improve motion
Decrease pain
Decrease muscle spasm

The website also reports that whirlpool bath water can be hot or cold:

The temperature of the water in the whirlpool can be warm or cold, depending on the desired goal. Warm whirlpools can increase circulation, as the heat helps to open up small arteries in the body. Increased circulation can bring fresh blood, oxygen, and cells to the injured area, which can promote healing. The typical temperature of a warm whirlpool is 98-110 degrees Fahrenheit. Care should be taken to avoid burns. Be sure to talk with your physical therapist about your specific comfort level.

Cold whirlpools cause the arteries in the body to close, which can help to decrease circulation to the body part being treated. This is used to help manage inflammation and swelling in the injured body part. The temperature of a cold whirlpool is usually between 50 and 60 degrees Fahrenheit.

But, for me, a warm whirlpool bath is just plain relaxing. The perfect end to a day of walking around Las Vegas Convention Center, vlogging about the latest in tech, as I will be doing at CES 2020 Las Vegas, next month.

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