Oakland Raiders Know Active Decatur Fault Starts One Block From Las Vegas NFL Stadium?

The Oakland Raiders Las Vegas UNLV NFL Stadium is just one block away from the start of one of an active earthquake fault. Called the “Decatur Fault,” it starts approximately one block north of the north end of the Raiders site, which starts at Russell Road, Dean Martin, and Interstate 15.

There’s no indication that the existence of this earthquake fault was known to the Raiders. Yet, when I put this question to a local Las Vegas government official, the response I received was “Yes. There are faults throughout the area.”

Indeed, there are a reported seven faults that criss-cross Las Vegas Valley, but of all of them, only the Decatur Fault seems to stop at a point one block away from the stadium site. The question is, will the stadium be designed to resist the vibrations and tremors that the fault may produce?

Levi Stadium in Santa Clara, California, has special expansion joints, steel framework structure and other engineering approaches, all to withstand a major earthquake. But what can the Raiders stadium, with it’s special structure to hold up a roof with glass-fabric panels, be able to withstand? And what about the roof?

The existence of the active Decatur Fault came up while I was on my livestream show Thursday night, March 22nd. I was talking with my viewers about the proceedings of the Las Vegas Stadium Authority meeting of that day, when the idea to check and see if the land was near an earthquake fault literally popped into my head. So, I checked and shared my findings with my viewers as I went online to search.

The Decatur Fault is part of a system of seven interlocked earthquake faults in the Las Vegas Valley. It’s noted that many casinos on the strip are designed to handle quakes, but what about the Raiders Stadium? That question has yet to be answered.

Stay tuned.