NuBryte Smart Home At CES 2017 #CES2017

NuBryte Smart Home At CES 2017 #CES2017

The All-in-One NuBryte Smart Home takes a different approach to the Smart Home. NuBryte has packed all the top smart features into a chic console – right at the light switch, the new center of your smart home.

Enjoy home security, touch-free lighting, wireless intercom, and family hub… all-in-one easy touchscreen console and mobile app!

NuBryte will be at CES 2017. Take a few minutes at CES to demo at NuBryte at booth 41636 (Smart Home Marketplace in the Sands, Level 2). We’d love for you to see NuBryte Touchpoint in action, be the first to experience our Smart Switches, and be part of the premiere of our latest integrations. via IFTTT

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