Kaiser Medical Center – Nov 3, 1994 – Emeryville Planning Commission

Kaiser spent $43 Million to buy land and obtain approval for a new Medical Center in Emeryville. However, the City was sued by Oakland, Berkeley, & Jerry Brown (as an individual). Kaiser then decided to abandon the Project.

Kaiser Permanente Medical Center Prolect – Request for (1) Certification of an Environmental Impact Report Request for Approval of (2) Amendments.to the Emeryville General Plan; (3) Approval of a Rezoning from Medium Density Residential (R-M) to Planned Unit Development(Commercial including Applications for a Preliminary Development Plan for the Phase I Site and Future Expansion Site; Final Development Plan for Phase IA (the hospital portion of the Phase I Site); (4) A Development Agreement with the City of Emeryville; for the Proposed Kaiser Permanente Medical Center Project on an approximately 30 acre site generally bounded by San Pablo Avenue, Park Avenue, Hollis Street, 45th Street 53rd Street, and Doyle Street (known more specifically as Assessor’s Parcel Numbers: 049-1027-002,-003,-004,-016-01,-017,-018,-019,-020-01&02,021,-022-01-02,-023- 02, -024, -028, -029, -030, -031, -032, -033, & -034; 049-1029-001-3&4; 049-1031-003-01, & -004; 049-1041-059; Future Expansion Site: 049-1041-011-04,-012-02, -013, -022,-023-01&02, -032-01, -041-03. Environmental Clearance: Proposed Final Environmental Impact Report. via IFTTT