John Lewis, Donald Trump Is The Legitimate President Of The United States

John Lewis, Donald Trump Is The Legitimate President Of The United States

John Lewis said that President-Elect Donald Trump is not a legitimate President. As much as I would like to reverse the clock and change the outcome of the election, everytime I think about that, I am reminded in my memory of how we, Democrats, failed to really come together under one unifying message. A lot of us were ignored by those in the DNC who achieved power-positions. Even long-time credentialed bloggers like me were ignored by the Clinton-controlled DNC brass, and left out of covering the 2016 Democratic National Convention. I told then DNC Interim Chairperson Donna Brazile via email that the GOP had a better organized blog and social media effort than we did. What kind of reaction did I get? Nothing other than a sentence about “focusing on this off thread” – then no outreach at all.

There are a lot of Democratic operatives, people who were held in high-regard during the Obama years, who were largely forgotten or ignored by the Clinton types who believed it was their turn. Only a handful of Obama operatives managed to make the jump to the Clinton campaign, and that was that.

I could go on and on about how so-called micro-targeters told me that their micro-message campaign would deep-reach key demographic groups with the right words. Yeah. Right. Democratic candidate after democratic candidate didn’t get the most important and decades-old memo: it’s the jobs. All anyone wants to know is are you going to create more jobs in their back yard and reduce their cost of living – the rest is conversation.

Donald Trump got the memo – we Democrats, at least the Clinton types, didn’t. That’s why we lost. We lost because many young blacks, absent a sea of new African American political leaders to vote for, sat at home, rather than go vote on election day. We lost because independent whites who voted for Obama, turned around and backed Donald Trump against Hillary Clinton. We lost because we didn’t get enough true votes in key states, but then when it became clear that the vote-count should be redone, we were blocked by the GOP, and didn’t have a sea of backers fighting like hell to overcome them.

And so now, Georgia Representative Lewis, here we are, collectively pissed off over a guy who’s overwheming candor so shocked us we considered him unelectable – all the while he was being elected. A guy who just may have received help from the Russians, and should be investigated. A guy who encouraged a nation long our enemy to hack us. Donald Trump did all of that, and more. And he won the Electoral College. He’s POTUS.

Until someone or something happens that proves otherwise, Donald Trump is President of The United States Of America. We can argue and whine, but Trump is POTUS. President Obama, perhaps one of the greatest leaders of the 21st Century, paved the way for us to accept and welcome President Trump. Obama understands that we must maintain a perfect union. Let’s help him do that, John Lewis, let’s help him do that.

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