Is NFL Punishing Oakland In Raiders Stadium Deal For Barring Goldnan Sachs?

Is NFL Punishing Oakland In Raiders Stadium Deal For Barring Goldnan Sachs?

The NFL commonly does business with Goldman Sachs and in the case of the Raiders Las Vegas issue, a man named Greg Carey is the well-regarded representative of the firm. He and Goldman have been involved with 28 different NFL stadium deals. Also NFL EVP for Business Affairs Eric Grubman also worked for Goldman Sachs and knows Carey.

And now the reports have been that the Raiders are working with Goldman on an alternative that will ex-out Las Vegas Sands CEO – the man who brought Oakland Raiders Owner Mark Davis to Las Vegas, and got the $750 million subsidy from the Nevada Legislature for him.

There is another factor that may be pushing The NFL to consider The Goldman, Greg Carey, Las Vegas Stadium Financing Plan: Goldman Sachs is barred from doing business with the City of Oakland. The decision was the result of a swap option bond issue that the Oakland City Council voted for but my boss Oakland Mayor Elihu Harris voted against and upon my recommendation.

The bond issue that was supposed to get us money wound up costing Oakland millions. And Goldman had been pedaling that type of issue around the country, with similar results. For the NFL to allow this situation to exist is terrible. It may not want Fortress Investments involved but since Oakland has banned Goldman, the league has to come forward with an alternative company and plan for Oakland. Stay tuned. via IFTTT

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