Did Toronto Raptors President Masai Ujiri Assault Alameda Sheriff’s Deputy? Videos Are Inconclusive

Did Toronto Raptors President Masai Ujiri Assault Alameda Sheriff Deputy? Video Is Inconclusive

An Alameda County Sheriff’s Deputy is claiming that Raptors President Masai Ujiri, the architect of the 2019 NBA Champion Toronto Raptors pushed the officer and struck him in the face. NBC Bay Area claimed to have exclusive video, but it doesn’t actually show the incident.

Moreover, I found another video of a different angle, but it also does not actually show the incident. The videos are inconclusive.

However, we can ask some questions based on what we see and what the Alameda Sheriff’s Deputy claimed. First, why would the Raptors President just push and hit a police officer? The videos do indicate two facts: that some disagreement happened, and that Masai Ujiri was clearly puzzled.

Another video shows Raptors Star Kyle Lowry waving to and then pulling Masai Ujiri away from the confusion, and with a confused look on his face.

What puzzles me is this: there are many people on the Oracle Arena Floor, and they don’t have around-the-neck badges. Many men in suits also don’t have these around-the-neck badges. The only possible way Masai Ujiri may have acted inappropriately was if the Alameda Sheriff’s Deputy did something in the way of trying to stop him from moving forward onto the court.

But look at the video and ask this question: why him? Of all of the freely roaming people, why would the Alameda Sheriff’s Deputy pick out Masai Ujiri?

This has to be cleaned up because right now, the Alameda Sheriff’s Deputy is in the middle of an international incident. Additionally, the Alameda Sheriff’s Deputy is already under fire for retweeting a retweeting a “UniteTheRight” press conference given by high-profile white nationalist Richard Spencer.

And while the person at fault in that incident, Public Information Officer Sergeant Ray Kelly, said it was a mistake, many aren’t buying it. The California Immigrant Policy Center says
“The department’s claiming this is an ‘accident,’ but in fact it’s part of a long pattern of racist attitudes and practices at the department.”

More to come on this. Stay tuned. via IFTTT