Deshawn Watson Lawsuit Texas Confirms Toi Garner Massage Student Permit, Other Life Not Disclosed

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Deshawn Watson Lawsuit: Texas Confirms Toi Garner Massage Student Permit Says United Airlines Employee Has Other Life Not Disclosed On Her Linkedin Profile.

Who is Toi Garner? She’s the named plaintiff in the case of Toi Garner vs. Houston NFL Holdings L.P., AKA The Houston Texans. The case filed by Houston class action Super Lawyer Tony Buzbee where The Buzbee Law Firm issued 24 lawsuits accusing now former Texans Quarterback Deshawn Watson of inappropriate behavior. But the way Buzbee has written the lawsuits, itself, invites a level of examination and questioning beyond the scope of the mainstream media, which winds up telling an inaccurate tale. Blogger to the rescue.

First, I want to thank Tela Mange, Public Information Officer, Texas Department of Licensing & Regulation. Second, I want to share what she informed me of during our communication (which I explained to her would be used in this reporting). Third, before I do, I want to inform you that the student massage permit that Toi Garner is said to have is confirmed by the State of Texas in the words of Tela Mange. Fourth, while she has apparently gotten it via a massage school, Ms. Mange says I have to file an open-records request to find out the name of the organization (which I will do). Fifth, originally and still, the Toi Garner Massage Student Permit did look like it was faked, which is why I called the Texas Department of Licensing & Regulation. Sixth, Ms. Mange was kind enough to offer the view that it’s not unusual for someone like Toi Garner to not have her massage work mentioned on her Linkedin profile.

What I wrote to Ms. Mange:

Dear Ms. Mange,

First, thank you for taking my call today. Second, I called and am now writing to check on the validity of what one of my fans claims is a “Massage Student Permit” he says was granted to “Toi Jvann Garner” AKA Toi Garner. Toi Garner is the named plaintiff in Tony Buzbee’s latest Deshaun Watson-related lawsuit, this one against The Houston Texans.

Mr. Buzee claims in his lawsuit that Toi Garner is a United Airlines Flight Attendant and a WAS a massage therapy student during November of 2020, when she had the alleged “encounter” with Mr. Watson. However, a search of her name turned up a Linkedin page mention of a massage therapy student history or any intent on going into the field.

Her Linkedin Page says that she works for United Airlines and “Rich Legacy Studios”, When I ran the name “Rich Legacy Studios” in search, a YouTube channel of the same name popped up. When I visited it, I found two videos made my “Rich Legacy Studios” and specifically for Deshaun Watson. And, again, Toi Garner works for Rich Legacy Studios, which is a video production company in Houston.

So, you see now why I am checking on what I was sent and the Tony Buzbee-generated idea that Toi Garner was or is a massage therapy student. I could not find her name in your Texas database. Yet, here’s what my fan sent me: ( photo shown on Oakland News Now and Oakland News Online). See how the name “Toi Jvann Garner” is in a different type from any other name? I made two photos because it is easier to see than one large one. The first photo starts from the left and the other picks up in the middle and goes to the right.

Then I asked “Say, some questions: why does the permit not show up in search when I did it? Also, does it have to be issued from a school but through the State of Texas? How do you know she’s a true Massage Therapist Student? Is that all she needs to take on clients? Was she wrong to have Deshawn Watson as a client? Also, the date of expiration is in a weird format, 2104, why? When does the license expire?”

Then, I waited for her response, which took something like an hour to get. She wrote:


Thanks for your patience. Here’s what I can tell you:

Ms. Garner has had a massage student permit since October 2020. Below my signature line, I have pasted screen shots of the step-by-step process one would take to find her record in our licensing database. Please let me know if you have any other questions. Tela

Tela Answer: Here are answers to your questions. I will be available tomorrow for any follow-ups you may have.

My Question: Why does the permit not show up in search when I did it?

Tela Answer: If you didn’t indicate on the first search page that you were specifically asking about a massage therapy license, her name probably would not show up because the massage therapy licenses are in a separate database. We have 9 different licensing systems/databases because we have inherited a number of different programs from different agencies over the years. We are in the process of trying to obtain funding from the state legislature that would enable us to create a licensing system that would merge all of our programs into one system.

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