Cube Smart Bulb For The Smart Home At CES 2017 #CES2017

Cube Smart Bulb At CES 2017 #CES2017

The Qube smart bulb is different from other smart bulbs on the market mainly because of pricing, and its positional-based lighting automations offer room-level accuracy by connecting to your smartphone or wearables when you’re near – all without a hub.

Last year, Qube saw much success and the smart bulb was overfunded on Indiegogo, and they’re now getting ready to ship and make some new announcements at CES. Overall, Qube is helping make the transition to smart home lighting affordable for everyone.

More Details:
· Qube’s MFI Application to Apple Home Kit was approved
· The Qube smart bulb offers 1,000 lumens
· Complete with 16 million colors, each smart bulb can last up to 50,000 hours, or the equivalent of 27 years. via IFTTT

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