CES 2017 Features Zennie62 Partnering With Oakland Post, Sigma Technologies Global

CES 2017 Features Zennie62 Partnering With Oakland Post, Sigma Technologies Global

CES 2017 features Zennie62Media’s 8th straight year covering the World’s largest consumer tech-driven convention in Las Vegas. Over that time, Zennie Abraham’s Zennie62 YouTube Channel has posted more CES Las Vegas-related video-blogs than any other single person or media outlet. This year, Zennie62 is joined by two sponsor partners: The Oakland Post and Sigma Technologies Global.

The Oakland Post, founded in 1963, is the first large African American newspaper established on the West Coast. Today, the Post News Group, which houses The Oakland Post, is the largest African American weekly newspaper in Northern California. Serving the San Francisco Bay Area communities of Oakland, Berkeley, Richmond, Marin, South County, and San Francisco, the weekly Post newspapers reports and advances the issues and events impacting those identified communities.

Zennie Abraham will post many times during CES 2017 from the Oakland Post website, augmenting his Zennie62 blog, YouTube channel, and network of 96 blogs, 15 of which seat his YouTube videos and content exported from Zennie62.com.

In turn, the Zennie62.com blog, or Zennie62blog.com, one of the most read blogs at CES annually, will be the seat for an exciting media technology project. And this is where Sigma Technologies Global comes in.

The technology Zennie Abraham is bringing to CES 2017 for demonstration is such that YouTube videos that are already automatically embedded in Zennie62blog.com, will be enhanced by Sigma Technologies Global speech-to-text technology, and in a special way. The text from the video will be printed out on the blog – you won’t have to go to the Zennie62 YouTube video page to read text, let alone try and find it, thus leaving the blog page!

Moreover, the Sigma Technologies Global system is such that advertisements will appear depending on the keyword in the text produced as a result of the video’s audio – thus giving the blog a new revenue generation area!

The demo will show what’s next for Zennie62 – and we’re seeking investors for our project. If you have an interest in what we’re doing and are a tech investor or vendor who may have a complementary technology or platform, even if you’re not at CES 2017, send an email to [email protected]

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