Black Man Developed 1st PC AT Computer – Mark Dean

We all know who Bill Gates; Michael Dell; Steven Jobs and Steven Wozniak are. Recently all four were given tribute for their contributions to the computer age. No tribute or mention was given however to Mark Dean.

It seems that they were willing to applaud the efforts of those who used computers to make money but unwilling to give tribute to the man who led the team who developed the first 1 Gigahertze microprocessor chip at his Austin Research Lab. A man who holds 3 of the original patents on which the personal computer is based. And he has a total of 30 patents pending. He is an IBM fellow.

Why is this man virtually unknown even by those who use computers every day of their life? The answer to that one is clear and obvious. I don’t even have to tell you.

He developed the PC AT (Advanced Technology) which defined the industry standard architecture for most personal computers used today.

He was inducted into the inventors hall of fame in 1997 via IFTTT

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