Avoid AppMySite: Unethical Money Grabbing Business Google And Crunchbase Should Delist


AppMySite is a company that says it is “the best no-coding alternative for making quality mobile apps. Top reviewed iOS & Android online app maker and plugins. Turn your website in to app. WooCommerce App Builder. Attractive Pricing. iOS & Android App Maker.” But what they do not tell you is that once you pay into the service, you will never get your money back. There’s no warning to this at all.

They claim they give no “refund” but should you decide you want the balance of your money back, and opt out of the service, first they say they will give you back the difference pro-rated, but then when you ask for it, repeatedly, the real intentions of “AppMySite” become clear: they are just designed to take your money, nothing else. There’s a reason you can’t find any named person connected with “AppMySite”, anywhere (easily) on the Internet: they don’t want to be found by law enforcement. You can’t find a name: not on Crunchbase, or connected with their Delaware Corporate listing. There’s a reason for that; they’re acting illegally.

AppMySite has so much content about their service online that it crowds out the negative reviews. You have to dig to find them, and if you’re looking, it means you, yourself, have been wronged. Take what Kirby Allen wrote on April 2, 2022 on TrustPilot:

I purchased a license for five years. What a mistake. The product does not work as advertised. Big waste of money for me. I would not recommend this company to anyone. Appmysite is overpriced and the software totally under performs. The Appmysite product is subpar and it was a waste of my money. Also they have a no refund policy. After doing business with a company like I now understand how important it is to check online reviews and get other people’s opinions before purchasing.

In my case, I wanted my money back after just a few weeks, not five years.

AppMySite on Crunchbase: No Corporate Directors Or Investors Named. Why?

Crunchbase is the famous website that was was originally founded in 2007 by my friend Michael Arrington, where, as Wikipedia explains, it was made to be “a place to track the startups that parent company TechCrunch featured in articles. From 2007 to September 2015, TechCrunch maintained control of the Crunchbase database.” In 2010, Crunchbase was sold out to AOL as part of the $30 million deal that put TechCrunch in the ownership of America Online.

Like Zennie62Media, AppMySite is listed on Crunchbase. But, unlike Zennie62Media, where you easily (there’s that word again) find my name listed as CEO of my Delaware Company, for AppMySite, Crunchbase writes:

We’re working on getting contact data for AppMySite

So I see I’m not the only one. Why is Crunchbase allowing this bad business practice company to be listed? Is AppMySite really at “Greater Philadelphia Area, East Coast, Southern US?” How can America allow a firm like AppMySite to run around doing this in plain site on the Internet? Clearly, something must be done. It’s obvious that the AppMySite minders don’t want to be found, and are not in the habit of returning account balances, let alone giving you a warning about their practice.

Is AppMySite Really In Delaware?

AppMySite has an online content page at ZoomInfo that reports it with “Headquarters: 600 N Broad St, Ste 5 3261, Middletown, Delaware, 19709, United States” Ok, but where’s the phone number to call?

It’s no wonder that the AppMySite Community Area has posts like this:

That sucks… I don’t even know why this community exist. They do not communicate with their customers. sad.

I have pending tickets for 2 weeks with urgent bugs on this website but the support team isn’t answering. Have they dropped us? Why aren’t they replying to an urgent bug that is causing our whole app to not function… We are down for 2 weeks at the moment and still no reply from the support team which supposedly answer within < 72 hours…

Complaints like those are all over the AppMySite Community Section.

Some Official Body Needs To Take Drastic Action Against AppMySite To Make Them Stop Taking Your Money And Mine

You can’t say “buyer beware” because there’s no warning that AppMySite does the action of keeping your money while trapping you into a monthly service you may not want after a time. That information should be clearly marked and repeated on the AppMySite website. Then the buyer is clearly warned. Also, who runs AppMySite should be clear and obvious. And it should be on Crunchbase, too.

Stay tuned. I’m not done with AppMySite. I want my money. Period.


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