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Las Vegas Stadium Authority Raiders Meeting Features MGM Resorts Disagreement

Las Vegas Stadium Authority Raiders Meeting Livestream For Sept 20 2018

The stream started off rather weird because the link from the Stadium Authority website led to another video altogether. I noted this problem on Twitter and an account called “Bruce Sierra” said it was on, but did not provide a link. I asked for it and he did post it – which turned out to be the right one. Very strange.

At any rate, Don Webb, the Raiders Stadium construction boss, give a report that indicated that while certain processes were taking longer than anticipated, the stadium would be finished “ahead of schedule.”

It was an interesting double speak, where Webb constantly pointed to specific issues that he said slowed down the process, but then assured the board the stadium would be finished in 680 days from today, or July 31, 2020.

Near the end of Webb’s presentation, Steven Hill, the new Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority Executive Director, said “That’s the head of construction giving notice to the contractors on his expectations,” or words to that effect. In other words, Webb was telling everyone, “Yeah, we have these problems, but we’re going to be open on time, we’re just not ready now.”

Before he finished Webb got into a disagreement with MGM Resorts International President Bill Hornbuckle. Mr. Hornbuckle is the one board member who’s not afraid to question the Raiders on the Stadium Project. He let it be known that MGM Resorts International believes, as do others on the Las Vegas Strip, that their events and properties would be, as he put it “choked out” by the traffic demand for Raiders games. He was not a fan of the Raiders Parking Plan, which Webb said would be in a constant state of flux for the next “30 to 40 years” of the life of the stadium (wow). They agreed to keep working toward a plan that solved the problem, but it’s very clear MGM Resorts International is not happy.

The meeting ended with the transfer of $1.7 million to the Debt Service Fund that was reported here. There was no discussion of the bond issue or the hotel stadium tax revenue or where it is, or what the stadium’s real cost is – just a presentation of reports that were three months old.

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Las Vegas Waldorf Astoria Hotel Window Glass Blew Out 37 Stories Up

Las Vegas Waldorf Astoria Hotel Window Glass Blew Out 37 Stories Up

The Las Vegas Waldorf Astoria Hotel window glass blew out from 37 stories up. The video is by Crystal Schenkel on Twitter. She reports that at 12:20 am September 20th and as she and her party were leaving the SkyBar 37 floors up. As they were leaving, “someone threw something” at the glass, she wrote.

No word from the hotel as to the actual cause of the incident or if anyone below ground was harmed. That this happened should be considered unusual because such windows are said to be able to withstand 7,000 of pressure per square inch.

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Christine Blazey Ford Deserves FBI Investigation In The Brett Kavanaugh Accusation

Christine Blazey Ford Deserves FBI Investigation In The Brett Kavanaugh Accusation

The selection of a Supreme Court Justice is something that must be done and gotten right. Over the past 40 years, America has evolved and perfected a system of evaluating candidates such that every aspect of that person’s life is considered.

The last big test of that system came when Clarence Thomas was accused of sexual harassment by Anita Hill. Hill was accused of actions in the workplace that were terrible. But none of them rise to where we are today: Brett Kavanaugh is being accused of rape. That is a serious claim that should draw FBI investigation before any vote is taken.

Christine Blazey Ford deserves to see an FBI Investigation In The Brett Kavanaugh Accusation, and so does America. If Brett Kavanaugh believes he has nothing to hide, he too would back such an investigation.

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The Russo Brothers Avengers 4 Movie On Photo Instagram Has 4 A’s – Here They Are

The Russo Brothers, directors of MARVEL movies like Avengers: Infinity War, posted a photo on Twitter and Instagram of what appears to be new restauranteur Joe Russo sitting in a chair at what has to be Pinewood Studios Atlanta Fayetteville Georgia.

The brothers Joe and Anthony Russo asked viewers to “Look hard…”

There are four A’s in the photo. Watch the video to find out where they are.

Avengers 4…

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Oh. And Joe Russo and Joe McHale have opened a new Los Angeles restaurant called “Simone”, and located at 449 S. Hewitt St. in the LA Arts District. via IFTTT