Clark County Places 38 Conditions On Approval Of Oakland Raiders Las Vegas NFL Stadium

Clark County Planners Place 38 Conditions On Oakland Raiders For Approval Of Las Vegas NFL Stadium

On Wednesday September 6th, the Clark County Board of Commissioners will discuss (and possibly vote on) the recommendations of the Clark County Planning Department regarding the Oakland Raiders proposed NFL stadium in Las Vegas.

This was the meeting that was to be held just about a month ago, but had to be postponed because the Federal Avaition Administration (FAA) had not completed its evaluation of the stadium facility with respect to air traffic at McClarren International Airport.

Now, The FAA has approved the stadium facility effective October 15th 2017, assuming no challenge to its application for review has been filed between September 6th 2017 and October 15th 2017. The Clark County Board of Commissioners will meet at 9 AM PST to discuss and possibly vote on the acceptance of the plan – but it comes with 38 conditions.

All of the conditions were set by Clark County Planners, and include such assignments as 1 year to identify a parking solution for the needed 16,000 spaces, and construction of street light standards. The full list is here:

Just how much more money all of those conditions will cost the Raiders has not been determined as of this writing.

Stay tuned.


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