Month: May 2017

Big Channels Talking About End of YouTube and Ad Revenue – YOUTUBE CRISIS COMPILATION

2015 censorship:

2016 censorship:

Pretty much everyone on YouTube has made a video where they talk about how they make 90% less ad revenue on YouTube now, including pewdiepie, boogie2988, TJKIRK (amazing atheist), Thunderf00t, logicked, Seculartalk, and these are not even “controversial” channels by YouTube’s standard. These channels don’t even make videos that are “vital” for humanity, which is why none of the above will get cracked down the same way as “conspiracy” channels will.

Channels who talk about conspiracies on a regular basis are the ones who have already been censored since 2015. Channels like RT, Xendrius, Russia Insider, Richiefromboston, press for truth etc are the ones who will be hit the most by YouTube’s new “ad friendly” censorship.

You will probably see more people talking about the “youtube apocalypse” in the near future.

Note: demonetized videos rank lower in the search results, so videos that don’t show ads will be hard to find (thus videos like mine will never show up as “recommended”). via IFTTT

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